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Seeking asylum for gender identity or sexual orientation

When some people think of those who are seeking asylum in the United States, they might automatically turn to those who are living in hostile areas plagued by violence. They might think of people who are being persecuted in their home country over their religious beliefs or political beliefs. That, however, isn't always the case. Arizona residents might like to know how sexual orientation is playing a part in cases of people seeking asylum.

Immigration reform troubles some, including those in Arizona

Coming into the country as an undocumented person is sometimes necessary because of a variety of reasons. Once you are here, trying to get a legal status can be very challenging. Republican House Speaker John Boehner says that while his party is close to forming an immigration reform plan, people shouldn't expect a rapid vote on it. Immigrants in Arizona might like to know about the status of immigration reform in the country.

Man who sought asylum in Arizona recalls his past

When someone who is from another country comes to the United States seeking asylum, the stories that they bring with them are often horrible. For one man in Tucson, dealing with seeing mother killed is only part of what he has to deal with. His story highlights the importance of asylum for people who are in places like Kenya and Somalia where refugee camps and violence are a part of daily life.


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