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Seeking asylum in the United States for safety

We have discussed asylum in some of our posts on the blog. For people who are seeking asylum, going through the process to gain asylum might seem daunting. In some cases, seeking asylum in the United States might be a way to stop removal proceedings in accordance with the Convention Against Torture. Our readers in Arizona might be interested in learning a little more about this.

One of the main points of being eligible for asylum is that those seeking it have to be fearful of persecution if they return to their home country. In many cases, the person seeking asylum or a family member will have already been subjected to emotional or physical harm because of factors beyond his or her control or lifestyle. This might include persecution for religious beliefs, race, political beliefs or a membership in a social group.

When you or your loved one is seeking refuge in the United States, having someone on your side who knows of the conditions in your homeland can help you to establish your claims. This often means understanding the history of an area, as well as the current events in an area. Our knowledge often helps to bring the conditions of your homeland and the applicable laws together to mount a bid for asylum.

Nobody should have to go back to a homeland where he or she doesn't feel safe or secure. Death threats, beatings and other persecution aren't an acceptable lifestyle. For people who want to seek the safety the United States has to offer, asylum might be the best option on the table.

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