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Asylum application decision types vary greatly

When you apply for asylum in the United States, you will likely wait anxiously for the answer to your application. There are several different decisions that might be made regarding your application for asylum. Our Arizona readers might find these decisions very interesting.

You might get a notice that says a preliminary decision to approve your application has been reached. This means that the asylum officer who is over your case has determined that you should be granted asylum, but it still waiting on some results. These results can include the verification of your background and identity. This preliminary approval is valid for the amount of time it will take for the investigative reports to be completed.

On the other end of the spectrum is the notice of intent to deny, which means that you were found ineligible for asylum in the United States. When this is issued, you have 16 days to submit new evidence or a rebuttal. This letter, as well as a notice of referral to an immigration court, means that you have to act swiftly if you want to remain in the country. In either of these cases, you should seek assistance from someone familiar with the immigration system.

If you don't take action when you get a notice of intent to deny, you will receive the final denial. This means that you can't appeal the decision because it is a final decision. This also means that your employment authorization will expire in 60 days from the date of the letter or on the date of expiration noted on the Employment Authorization Document.

Of course, the decision you want is a grant of asylum. This means that you can remain in the country indefinitely because your application was approved. This isn't, however, a permanent decision. A grant of asylum is valid until one of several circumstances occurs, such as a change that removes the fear of prosecution that led to the asylum petition being filed.

Source: FindLaw, "Types of Asylum Decisions" accessed Jan. 23, 2015

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