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What are some points I should know about visas?

We have often discussed people who are coming into the United States to work. When immigrants come into the country to work, they must go through the proper channels to get the documentation required to work. There are several different types and classes of workers, each of which has its own set of considerations. Our readers in Arizona might be interested in learning more about these.

What are the groups of immigrant workers?

There are three basic groups of immigrant workers: student and exchange visitors, permanent immigrant workers and temporary nonimmigrant workers. Student and exchange visitors have to have the permission of an authorized school official to work in the country. Permanent immigrant workers are able to live in the country and hold any job they want. Temporary immigrant workers can only do the activity, job or reason that is specified on the visa they received.

What happens if the terms of the visa aren't followed?

If the terms of the immigration status aren't followed, the person can be removed from the country. In some cases, they can be denied re-entry into the country. For that reason, it is vital for all immigrants to ensure they are honest and fully represent the reason they want to come into the country when they apply for a work visa.

Understanding the application process and what the visa issues is valid for can help people who are in the country. Having a complete understanding of everything is the only way that someone who wants to come into the country and live the life he or she wants can do so without immigration worries.

Source: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, "Working in the US" Jan. 05, 2015

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