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Bars or Disqualifying Factors to Asylum

In our previous article [HOW WE PREPARE ASYLUM CASES] we touched upon arguments that the government attorney may present to disqualify a person from meeting the requirements for asylum.  In this article we explore other disqualifying factors that will be a bar to asylum.

How we prepare asylum claims

Our previous article [REQUIREMENTS FOR ASYLUM] explained what is required to have an asylum claim.  In that article, we stressed the importance of contacting an attorney early and having the attorney present during the interview with the asylum officer.

Requirements for Asylum

The world is a dangerous place and there are many people coming to US borders seeking safety and freedom in the United States.  Many of these people have to pay coyotes or smugglers large sums of money to bring them to the border.  They think that just getting to the US border is all they eed to do.  They do not realize that asylum law is complicated and prevailing in an asylum claim is difficult.  They do not realize that 99% of the claims are denied if there is no attorney.  Unaware, they go into the credible fear interview alone with no awareness of what elements of asylum law they will need to prove to prevail in their claim.

What should I know about family-based immigration visa petitions?

In our post last week, we discussed how some people who have family-based immigration visa applications are facing lengthy wait times for those to be processed. Even with that in mind, some of our readers might opt to pursue this type of visa. It is vital that all of our readers in Arizona understand some points that are important when applying for a family-based immigration visa.

Family immigration court hearings, and others, slow to a crawl

When you are dealing with the United States court system for an immigration matter, you probably want to get everything taken care of as quickly as possible. Some new news might have you rather upset. Many people are finding out that their cases might not be heard until 2019 or later. Some fear that this might lead to deportations and other problems.


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