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Family immigration court hearings, and others, slow to a crawl

When you are dealing with the United States court system for an immigration matter, you probably want to get everything taken care of as quickly as possible. Some new news might have you rather upset. Many people are finding out that their cases might not be heard until 2019 or later. Some fear that this might lead to deportations and other problems.

The root cause of these delays is the influx of Central American migrants that are crossing the border into the U.S. Many of these are minors and mothers who have children. The Justice Department has prioritized these cases, so that is leaving others pushed back in the court system.

Some of the issues that can affect immigrants who are awaiting court hearings include the death of a sponsor, disappearing witnesses and children aging out of the minor status. Those issues can affect our Arizona neighbors who are trying to reunite with family members, get green cards or get work permits.

The frustration doesn't stop there. Immigrants and their attorneys are also having to cope with the uncertainty. Not only do they not know the outcome, they also don't even know when they will know the outcome. For many, hearings are being canceled at the last minute without a new court date being issued.

It is important for all of our Arizona neighbors who are dealing with immigration issues to know how to go through the court system to get what they need. From filling out applications to going through hearings, there are several steps to go through and numerous things you need to know at each step. For that reason, it might help you to work with someone knowledgeable about immigration laws.

Source:, "US government cancels thousands of immigration hearings; delays could extend past 2019" Feb. 01, 2015

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