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What should I know about family-based immigration visa petitions?

In our post last week, we discussed how some people who have family-based immigration visa applications are facing lengthy wait times for those to be processed. Even with that in mind, some of our readers might opt to pursue this type of visa. It is vital that all of our readers in Arizona understand some points that are important when applying for a family-based immigration visa.

How long does it take to get approval?

The wait time depends on several factors. While many factors can't be helped, one that can is how the application is completed. Failing to follow instructions is a big problem that can lead to a petition taking longer. For that reason, it is vital that anyone who is seeking a visa ensures everything is filled out accurately and completely.

What are the health stipulations?

In order to have an immigration visa issued, you have to have certain vaccinations. This must be done, so checking on the current requirements will help you to ensure you have gotten the appropriate immunizations. You also have to have a medical examination. An authorized panel physician has to be the one to complete the examination. Both the vaccinations and the medical examination have to be done before you have your interview for your visa.

When is the interview scheduled?

In order for the interview to be scheduled, you have to have all required forms and documentation sent in. You will be notified of the interview when it is scheduled. If you have an attorney or an agent, those individuals will also be notified. You will need your passport and any other documentation requested when you go in for your interview. At the interview, you will be digitally fingerprinted.

It is vital that you are honest and provide accurate information during the application and interview process. Failing to do so can have a negative impact on your petition. Knowing the correct ways to fill out forms and how to complete various tasks might help you to have a more successful petition for a family-based immigration visa.

Source: U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, "Family-Based Immigrant Visas" accessed Feb. 20, 2015

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