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What are some requirements for people with J-1 visas?

Coming to the United States in pursuit of educational advancements means getting a J-1 visa through the College and University Student Program. There are several considerations of this program that anyone considering using it should be aware of to ensure that they can meet the requirements are willing to meet them. Our readers in Arizona might find these points interesting.

Who can host a foreign student as part of CUSP?

A host institution is the college or university where the student will be attending. If the student is coming to the U.S. as part of an internship program, the host is the institution that is responsible for the internship.

What are the responsibilities of the sponsor?

The sponsor of the student has to ensure the student is attending a full course of study through a college or university that is accredited in the U.S. The sponsor must also ensure that the student is qualified to enroll in the program and that the student has in fact been accepted into the program.

Can a student on a J-1 visa in CUSP have a job?

Part-time employment is possible for some people who have a J-1 visa through CUSP. There are some conditions that anyone in the program must meet if he or she wants to hold a job. One of these is that they must be in good academic standing with the host institution.

There are several other factors that govern CUSP. Knowing about how factors might affect a certain case is vital to ensure that a person is a good candidate for the program. For this reason, anyone considering applying for a J-1 visa under CUSP should make sure he or she understands all criteria for the program.

Source: United States Department of State, "College and University Student Program" accessed Mar. 04, 2015

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