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Different visa petitions serve different purposes

After Marco Rubio's announcement that immigration reform might not be possible right now, some people might be wondering how they can come into the United States or stay in the United States. There are several different methods that might be able to help in both of these situations. We can help you learn what options you might have for your situation.

If you are trying to come into this country or stay in this country because you fear for your safety in your home country, asylum might be an option for you. This is usually the case if you fear gang-based violence or persecution from drug cartels.

Business-based immigration is another option if you are an entrepreneur or investor. This type of immigration does require significant financial investment.

Naturalization and citizenship might be a way that you can remain in the country permanently. This isn't an easy path to take, but many people find it a rewarding path.

Family-based immigration is another option that might work for many situations. In this type of immigration, families try to remain together or reunite using specific applications. Permanent residents and citizens are eligible to sponsor some family members who are applying to come into the country.

The process for applying for visas can be complicated. From the initial application to interviews and other requests, we can help you prepare. You shouldn't go into the process unless you understand what the process is going to entail. Getting answers to your questions can help you to make sure that you are ready to move forward with your application.

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