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Tips for job seekers who have a visa

Some people who are in the United States on a visa might find the process for finding work a bit daunting. Knowing how to handle information on your resume and learning about what hiring representatives can ask might help you as you try to find employment so you can support yourself in the U.S.

When you are writing up a resume, it is vital that you place the focus on your experience, education, and skills. You shouldn't draw the attention to your visa status. With this in mind, you shouldn't put any information on your resume about your visa status. If you fluently speak more than one language, you might opt to put that information on your resume since that is often a desirable trait of potential employees.

If you are called in for an interview with a company, you should make sure that you understand the points pertaining to your visa. Some employers might have some questions about your visa. Employers do have the right to ask you questions about your legal authorization to work and sponsorship. They can also ask you about what languages you can write, read, and speak.

Employers can't ask you where you are from. They can't ask about your citizenship or nationality. They can't ask you about your native language.

Seeking help when applying for your visa or when you are applying for work might help you meet your ultimate goals. It is vital that once you have a visa, you comply with the conditions of keeping it so that you can enjoy the U.S.

Source: Loyola University New Orleans, "Job Seeking Tips for International Students," accessed Aug. 06, 2015

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