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Other Forms of Relief if Asylum Fails

In our previous article [BARS OR DISQUALIFYING FACTORS TO ASYLUM] we discussed on what grounds the government attorney may disqualify an asylum claim.  In the end, we mentioned that asylum is discretionary.  That means the Immigration Judge can decide not to grant asylum if the judge feels the applicant does not deserve it.

Battle over refugee cap for new fiscal year continues

When people flee from their home country because of fears of violence, they might opt to seek asylum in the United States. Some people might come to the U.S. as refugees instead of seeking asylum here. In the U.S., the president sets the limit for the number of refugees that can come into the country each year. That limit doesn't include people from Cuba, unaccompanied minors, those seeking asylum or victims of human trafficking.

How do refugee status and asylum status differ?

People who are being persecuted over their beliefs or lifestyles in other countries might decide to seek asylum in the United States. There are some very important points that those who are interested in asylum must know before they decide that this is an option for them.

How can I get my spouse a visa to come into the United States?

For some lawful residents of the United States, having a spouse come to the country to live with them is a top priority. People who have a green card and those who are U.S. citizens can file an application for a spousal visa if they are legally married. Visa applications for spouses are given a high priority in this country.


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