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How is fear of persecution determined in asylum cases?

The recent news has been filled with stories about Syrian refugees. While some people are associating the entrance of Syrian refugees into the United States with terrorists, the fact of the matter is that many refugees and people who seek asylum in this country have an honest fear of persecution. There are several points that people who are seeking asylum in the U.S. should be aware of.

Are there any reasons why asylum would be denied?

There are several reasons why a person wouldn't be granted asylum in the U.S. Some of the main reasons for denying asylum are because the person who is applying for asylum might be a safety risk to the citizens of this country. A person who has persecuted others usually won't be granted asylum. People convicted of a serious crime and those who are thought to be a danger to the U.S. usually won't be granted asylum.

How is it determined if a person has a fear of persecution that would qualify for asylum?

People who are seeking asylum have to go through an interview process. The interview process is set up so that it can help the interviewer determine if there is a true fear of persecution. If a person is detained, there is a 48-hour waiting period for the interview unless that time is waived by the person who is seeking to remain in the U.S.

Understanding the concepts for seeking asylum can be difficult. One important point for people seeking asylum to understand is that they can seek legal assistance to help them with their case. That can be a good first step so that you know what you need to do and you have help to ensure that your rights are protected while you move through the process.

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