Phoenix Attorney Who Helps Immigrants Seek Asylum

If you have friends or family members who have been persecuted, beaten, received death threats, or had family members killed, the United States represents freedom and safety. If they are afraid to return to their home country because they or their family has experienced past persecution, or if they fear persecution or violence in the future if they are returned, we at the Law Offices of Alice Vacek Aranda, PLLC, can help.


Building A Defense Against Removal Proceedings

If a friend or family member came to the U.S. border asking for help, they will be put in removal proceedings. While in removal, he or she may be able to stay in the United States by establishing eligibility for asylum or withholding of removal or relief under the Convention Against Torture.

Such people may be eligible if they or their family have been physically or emotionally harmed, tortured or killed on account of political opinion, religious beliefs, race or ethnic group, or membership in a particular social group that is being targeted with violence by either government forces or forces that the government cannot or will not control.

If you have a family member or friend who has been persecuted, he or she should ask for asylum at the border. Attorney Alice Vacek Aranda will visit him or her in Eloy or Florence and try to secure a release on bond. If bond is not available, she will put together a vigorous asylum defense case.

We also help those who have managed to come to the United States on a visitor's Visa and are afraid of returning to their home country because of past or future persecution. We can help you file an asylum claim with USCIS. Do not file without the help of an attorney because most cases, without an attorney, do not succeed. Asylum is a difficult thing to navigate, and it's important to present a case in a way that meets the requirements of asylum law.

When You Have A Fear Of Persecution And Seek Asylum, Experience Counts

Arizona asylum lawyer Alice Vacek Aranda has exceptional experience in the area of asylum law. She holds a master's degree in history with concentrations in Latin American, Caribbean and African political and economic history. She follows foreign affairs and understands the country conditions that asylum seekers flee.

Her understanding of immigration laws and countries with suppressive regimes gives her an edge in pursuing asylum claims.

If You Have Family Detained In Eloy Or Florence, Contact Us

We represent people throughout the United States who have friends or loved ones being detained in Eloy or Florence, Arizona. To learn more about options for asylum, we encourage you to contact us online for an initial consultation with a Phoenix, Arizona, immigration attorney. Please call our office at 602-842-1115.