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Marco Rubio: A plan for immigration reform but not possible now

Immigration overhauls might not be happening for now. Marco Rubio says that major reforms are not possible because of politics right now. He said that he has tried, but a massive piece of legislation isn't going to happen.

Circumstances matter for immigration petitions

In our last blog post, we gave you some tips that are helpful if you are filing family-based immigration petitions. Even if you follow those tips, there is still a chance that you might have difficulties having your application approved. There are several reasons why that might happen. If you have unusual circumstances in your case, you might need to seek help from someone experienced in family-based immigration law.

Tips for people who are interested in family immigration

When you are ready to come to America using family immigration, you likely want the process to move forward as quickly as possible. The opportunities that await here are what calls many people to the area. If you are ready to embark on a life in the United States, there are some ways that you can improve your chance of getting the documentation you need.


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