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Changes coming to the investment visa program

Changes are coming to the immigration program for investors. The current program expires on Dec. 11. It is expected that the overhaul of the program that will go into effect when the current program expires will include measures to help stop the high-profile fraud that has been noted with the current program.

Investing in the economy might secure you an EB-5 visa

Investors who want to come to the United States can apply to do so through the investment visa program. In order to qualify for this type of visa, you don't need family members in the country or a labor certification. Instead, you have to be willing and ready to invest money in the United States economy.

Tips for job seekers who have a visa

Some people who are in the United States on a visa might find the process for finding work a bit daunting. Knowing how to handle information on your resume and learning about what hiring representatives can ask might help you as you try to find employment so you can support yourself in the U.S.

Immigrants with driving privileges: Employment guidance updated

Finding employment when you come into the United States as an immigrant can sometimes be complicated. Trying to figure out which documents you need might be one of the more complicated aspects of trying to find employment. Recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued guidance that might make that aspect of finding employment a little easier.

Different visa petitions serve different purposes

After Marco Rubio's announcement that immigration reform might not be possible right now, some people might be wondering how they can come into the United States or stay in the United States. There are several different methods that might be able to help in both of these situations. We can help you learn what options you might have for your situation.

Marco Rubio: A plan for immigration reform but not possible now

Immigration overhauls might not be happening for now. Marco Rubio says that major reforms are not possible because of politics right now. He said that he has tried, but a massive piece of legislation isn't going to happen.

What are some points I should know about J-1 visas?

We briefly discussed the J-1 visa program in our last post. If you recall, the J-1 visa program is also known as the Exchange Visitor Program. It allows people from other countries to come into the United States through specific sponsorship programs for educational purposes. That post might have some of our Arizona readers wanting to know more information about the program and how it works. Understanding these answers is a good starting point, but anyone considering participating in a J-1 visa program should learn how his or her situation can be affected by the criteria and guidelines.

What are some requirements for people with J-1 visas?

Coming to the United States in pursuit of educational advancements means getting a J-1 visa through the College and University Student Program. There are several considerations of this program that anyone considering using it should be aware of to ensure that they can meet the requirements are willing to meet them. Our readers in Arizona might find these points interesting.

What are some points I should know about visas?

We have often discussed people who are coming into the United States to work. When immigrants come into the country to work, they must go through the proper channels to get the documentation required to work. There are several different types and classes of workers, each of which has its own set of considerations. Our readers in Arizona might be interested in learning more about these.

Arizona immigration applicants should know about Form I-797

For people who have filed applications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, getting mail in from the agency can bring good news or challenging news. Knowing how to interpret the information presented in the written mail from them can be difficult. One form that our readers in Arizona might come across at some point during their dealings with the USCIS is the Form I-797. This form serves various purposes, depending on which version you receive.


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