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The path to becoming a naturalized citizen

If you are a resident of the United States and wish to become a citizen, you may have heard about the naturalization process. Once you fulfill all of the citizenship requirements according to the Immigration and Nationality Act as established by the U.S. Congress, you may apply to become a naturalized citizen.

Immigration decision now before the Supreme Court

The state of Arizona has not been very friendly to undocumented immigrants in recent years. In fact, Arizona is one of the 26 states that initiated a challenge to President Obama's immigration policies. That decision is now before the United States Supreme Court.

What are the categories for family-based immigration?

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the changes that are coming to the investor's visa program. That is the visa program that has monetary requirements, as well as other requirements. That isn't the only visa program that can help people who want to come into the United States. Family-based immigration is another method that some people use to come into the country.

Immigration and citizenship are complex matters

Immigration has been a hot topic recently. For people who want to become citizens of the United States, going through the naturalization process is necessary. This process is an exhaustive one that includes looking into all aspects of your life. We know that you don't want to make any mistakes when it comes to this process. We can help you to learn your options and decide how to handle obstacles that might come up in the process.

Immigration family detention centers can have negative impacts

A sad reality faces some of the families who come to the United States while trying to flee from persecution in their home country. Some of these immigrants are being forced into immigrant family detention center, which are being called prison-like. These centers have orders that they must improve, but little seems to be improving in the for-profit system of detention centers.

How can I get my spouse a visa to come into the United States?

For some lawful residents of the United States, having a spouse come to the country to live with them is a top priority. People who have a green card and those who are U.S. citizens can file an application for a spousal visa if they are legally married. Visa applications for spouses are given a high priority in this country.

Immigrant consular processing can be a complex process

Getting the paperwork you need so you can remain in the United States isn't always easy. If you are here without the proper paperwork, you might have to determine the best way for you to get the paperwork you need. One option that you have is to use consular processing to get the visa you need to stay in the country legally.

Learn the different avenues for obtaining a family-based visa

Immigrants who are trying to come into the United States can face a host of challenges. If there are any unusual circumstances in your history, you might find the immigration process to be very complicated. In our previous post, we discussed how the number of immigrants who are in the country illegally have dropped. That, however, doesn't necessarily signal an easier visa application process.


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