U.S. Immigration

On the campaign trail in August 2016, Trump told a crowd during a campaign rally in Phoenix that he would direct law enforcement authorities to deport all convicted criminals illegally in the USA, a group he estimated to be about 2 million people.

“We will begin moving them out day one,” he said. “Day one, my first hour, those people are gone.”

However, in a recent interview on Fox News, he stated he understood the predicament the Dreamers were in, and that in the next few months, he would be working on an immigration plan that was firm but had a lot of heart. He said DACA recipients presented a tough situation, but in the end, they would be very happy with the plan.

His goal is to have a lot of great people coming to our country, people who love our country.

He promised a merit-based system that would allow skilled workers to come, a plan he feels would make Silicon Valley companies happy.

Right now, he said that many of these companies are moving to Canada where they can find skilled workers because they cannot find them in the USA.


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