When you are considering bankruptcy, the choices can be overwhelming. A simple Google search can provide an endless set of results. So, how do you know which bankruptcy attorneys are worth contacting? The following infographic takes a look at this in more detail.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

The choices can be overwhelming when you are considering bankruptcy and need to contact a bankruptcy attorney. A simple Google search provides seemingly endless results, but how do you know which bankruptcy attorneys are worth contacting? In many instances, referrals are a great way to find a reputable lawyer, but most people want to keep their bankruptcy as private as possible. Asking friends and colleagues for a referral is typically not an attractive option.

Luckily, there are some important factors that you should look for when seeking a bankruptcy attorney. Exploring these factors requires only a little bit of legwork, but it could make a world of difference in finding a lawyer you can trust. Some of the most important criteria are explored below.

Is the Person or Entity Truly a Lawyer?

There is an unimaginable number of debt consolidation companies that claim they can save you from filing for bankruptcy. These entities do not work as your advocate to help you decide whether bankruptcy is indeed the appropriate solution for your financial troubles. Instead, many debt consolidation companies charge substantial fees without eliminating or reducing any of your debt. It is in their interest to always have you avoid bankruptcy, but often times, bankruptcy is the appropriate answer.

Is the Bankruptcy Attorney Experience?

The amount of experience is paramount in what you should be considering when choosing a bankruptcy attorney. Would you rather have a mechanic that has fixed 50 cars or 5,000? Just like anything in life, you can’t teach experience. With something as important as your decision as to whether to file bankruptcy – and who will guide you through it – it is crucial to find someone who you are comfortable with and who is experienced in handling bankruptcy cases. You don’t want to be an inexperienced attorney’s guinea pig.

A Focus on Bankruptcy

Much like experience, you want your attorney to have a heavy focus on bankruptcy. When looking at lawyer’s website, does bankruptcy seem to be the primary are of focus? If personal bankruptcy help seems to be an afterthought, then you should probably keep looking. You want someone who demonstrates dedication to helping people through  their financial problems.

The Final Test

Now that have your candidates, it is time to reach out and have the lawyers sell themselves. Many attorneys allow you to contact them by phone or a form on their web site. This allows the lawyer to hear your story and determine whether or not they can help you. Of equal importance, it allows you to decide whether that person should be your lawyer.

The attorney should demonstrate confidence, knowledge and professionalism. It is also important that the lawyer listens closely to you when you speak. The bankruptcy attorney should be someone who you could envision yourself working with and trusting.

In Conclusion

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney can make a world of difference. A little extra work now can pay dividends with your financial future. Ensure that your lawyer has ample experience in personal bankruptcy and has a heavy focus on that area of practice.

The consultation should make a good impression – if it doesn’t, keep looking.


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