Dept of Interior of the United States

The main points of President Trump’s Executive Order 13766 are as follows:


Enforcing immigration laws in the interior of the USA is important for public safety. Many “aliens” who enter illegally or who overstay their visas are a threat to public safety. Sanctuary cities violate federal laws by shielding illegal immigrants from removal, Tens of thousands of removable aliens have been released into our communities because their home countries refuse to take them back.


Trump’s executive branch will ensure that all immigration laws are faithfully enforced. It will make use of all available resources to ensure enforcement. Sanctuary cities that fail to comply in enforcing immigration laws will not receive federal funding. The executive branch will ensure that all aliens ordered removed will be removed promptly.

There will be support for victims and their families who have been victims of crimes committed by removable aliens.

Enforcement Priorities

The priority is to remove all aliens convicted of crimes, or those charged with a crime, even if their case has not yet been resolved. Secondly, is to remove those engaged in fraud.  Third is to remove those who have received public benefits to which they are not entitled. Finally, to remove those who have a final order of deportation but who have not departed.

Change from Previous Policy

The Priority Enforcement Program of November 20, 2014 is terminated and the prior “Secure Communities” program is reinstalled.

Countries Who Do Not Accept Their Nationals

The Secretaries of State and Homeland Security will use all diplomatic and negotiating efforts with foreign states to tie foreign aid received from the USA to those foreign states accepting back their nationals who have been removed from the USA.

Photo Credit: ABC News


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